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I felt like I looked okay tonight. :p

27th Jan 201321:1814 notes
Courtesy of mi amigo.
11th Jan 201321:4519 notes
I’m so unoriginal.
25th Dec 201200:2117 notes
New sweater. :)
Today was actually pretty chilly.
19th Nov 201217:3732 notes
Would this be presentable enough for a birthday dinner with my judgemental grandma?
5th Oct 201218:3717 notes
Skipped today and went to the beach and downtown with my friend. :)
26th Sep 201216:1116 notes
It’s been such a long day. I still haven’t finished all my work but I can’t look at anymore physics or calculus problems. I’m so tired.
21st Sep 201200:319 notes
Haha hi guys. I’m very tired. And I’m sick. Blehhh. 
I’ve been laying down for awhile, hence the frizzy hair.
18th Sep 201222:4412 notes
I curled my hair even though I’ll be going to bed soon.
16th Sep 201223:2410 notes
Opaque  by  andbamnan