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Any tips on getting around?

In the shadow
Of your absence
My knees buckle
To solidarity.
I am hardly standing.
I hardly am.

The light in your eyes

Has all but shone—

Breaking flecks of gold

And stormy hues—

Placing it all into flowers

That harbor and hoard

Your radiance deep

Beneath the soil—

Into their roots

To tangle, to entwine

Around your bones

When you are gone.

The best way to relax after a 12 hr shift.
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Anonymous asked:

I am happy to see you back here. This place has kinda fallen apart since you left.

That’s sweet of you, thanks. :)

How sweet it is—
the taste of the sound
rolling off my tongue
in the rhythm of your name.

Eyes closed—
I am sleeping
Or at least 
I am laying down,
Light keeps itself hidden
In the corner
Brushing the shoulders
Of the shadows around me
Only slightly.
A light so fleeting
It forces doubt…

But they are here,
Looming over my bedside
Bated breath
Starving eyes
Having swallowed 
The darkness for far too long.

Eyes closed—
I am sleeping,
But my mind 
Is awake 
And dreaming.

~    6-word love letter (via d-apres-moi)

(via spilled-ink-poets)


Cat nap.
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This is one of my favorites from my last shoot of my best friend’s engagement!I can’t wait to stand up there with her as her maid of honor <3
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Opaque  by  andbamnan