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I went looking for you, buried beneath piles and piles of time covered in dirt—
trapped behind places no one would think or even care to look.

I was in the middle of the mountain and the sea,
in the little cabin room, hot with coals that hung a glowing orange halo from the ceiling.

And you…

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~   (via graciouswords)

(via graciouswords)

So I just finished baking over 10 dozen chocolate chip cookies.
Can someone else please clean the disaster area that is my kitchen? ;p

TBT to what really happened while selling yearbook ads (and to being a ginger). We actually did quite well. 😁 #highschool #tbt #throwbackthursday  #yearbook #ginger #redhead #columbiaartmuseum #red #museum #cartwheel #bigreddoor #columbiasc #sc
<3 #reading #sunset #night #relax
My kitty enjoys chasing moths and cuddling with my arm. 😊
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The rhythm stops
In a heart hardened to stone,
Cold as a tomb—
And forced to reconcile
With a mind posessed
By midnight’s demons of solitude.

You pulled me in 
The day you came back home—
A plague in your heart
And thorns in your bones.
I took you in my arms that night,
Pressed my lips to the scars,
The bullet wounds
That should have taken you from me.

I find those memories now,
Turning the diamond around my finger,
Knowing you are kissing her,
Knowing your name
Slithers off her serpent tongue.
I can only hope the best for you
When she leaves you alone with your demons,
When she burns you to the ground

If you feel you cannot stand behind our troops, please feel free to stand in front of them.

Opaque  by  andbamnan