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Ben Howard - Move Like You Want (Special 7 min)

Oh I know, I know, I know, I know, I know you were burnin’ up inside.

These feelings, these feelings are so hard to hide.

Oh so momma get down, like there’s no one else around.

Oh no, baby move like you want, baby move like you need.

wandererinside replied to your post:some things were just meant to be, the sun in your…

And the moon dances in fantastical shadows….

pulling in the tide
of a room collapsing 
into the current of you
and I and the miles 
in between our embrace.



Within aesthetic
with the cosmos
alien intimacy
can muster

and this

the river
macadam so de-
in detail:
one orange flower… under
blueness in

from darkness
bruise triumph:
a point
to summon genius.

That suspicion is
God when he drinks


some things were just meant to be,
the sun in your eyes rising,
setting upon your tongue
a good night whispered
in the dark.

I cannot talk about my feelings,

But I can write you a poem,

Some fucked up path

Through metaphors

And flowery bullshit

Of which may 

Or may not reach

A sole reason of why

I cry in the middle of the night.

And sleep is lost to me.
I have become a hostage to an over active mind dwelling on nothing but how lonely I have come to be.

That night you told me
Not all words are lonely.
And yet, I am here 
Tearing myself apart
Over the goodbye speech
You left lingering at the door.


Darkness covers my every step
yet every print I leave
(sodden, smashed)
stays covered with a memory
of a place I held dear—
a house amongst the trees;
a home I never wished to leave.

The whisk and swish of these
barely born shrubs
stand side-by-side with my
very own conscious stride.

If only I could find
some kind of beat;
some kind of raincoat;
some kind of sentimentally
falling, illuminating night
that could pick me up
and clear my sight.

I could glare into the sun—
that sphere of magnitude
that stands in the sky alone—

I could peer into Jupiter
and watch as the storm
rages into Poe’s forlorn;

I could stare at Saturn—
its rings ever twisting
and pulsating mystery.

But what I really desire is the moon.
O! How it shines!
The light radiates as if it is nursing
something more;
something stronger than itself;

It may be just a moon
but the white light it casts
broadcasts the colors
of those living in the black.


In the closeness of
an embrace—
your pulse beats
through my own;
A rhythm keeping
the tempo of my breath
rolling off my tongue,
a calling out..
your name whispered
in the dark.

Any tips on getting around?

Opaque  by  andbamnan